Angels Depot Resource Center Inc.
Holistic Counseling and Animal Rescue
This charitable, nonprofit corporation offers affordable holistic counseling to individuals and couples, social services, telephone information and referral, and animal rescue and foster care.

The office is located in central Manchester, CT, with easy highway access. President Claire Connelly, M.S.-M.F.C.C., has practiced in CA and CT since 1986. Secretary Leslie Swanson-Reynolds, C.V.T., is Program Director for Animal Rescue and Foster Care.

Angels Depot is listed with United Way and has an all-volunteer staff dedicated to serving those in need.

Specialties include relationships, anxiety/depression, GLBT issues, chronic illness, spirituality, and animal foster care and rescue.

Traditional and transpersonal techniques may be used in counseling with the goal of self-empowering the client and restoring overall health and well-being. Foster care or placement of dogs, cats, "feed lot" horses, and other animals is available as well as animal welfare advocacy.
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
860-646-3399 or 742-5279
Address :
Office:  Manchester, CT
Mail: 1630 Main St., No. 41, Coventry, CT 06238